JS Party – Episode #147

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Hypertext Assassins vs DSL Destroyers

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Our much anticipated Family Feud rip-off inspired game show is finally here! Emma was joined by Nick and special guest Abenezer Abebe to form the Hypertext Assassins. KBall captained (despite never seeing Family Feud before) the DSL Destroyers with Mikeal and special guest Ali Spittel.

Holler if you want MOAR Feud and check the outro for a chance to win some JS Party swag.



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Hello, and welcome to our very first - and maybe only - episode of Frontend Feud here on JS Party. I’m Jerod, I’m your friend, and I’m here with two awesome teams. They’re gonna battle out to win absolutely nothing. On my left it’s team Emma…

What’s our team name now? Come on…

And your team name is?

The Hypertext Assassins.

The Hypertext Assassins. Joining Emma is Abenezer and Nick. Good luck, fellas! And on my right it’s team Kball…

Hello, hello.

Kball, what’s your team name?

We are the DSL Destroyers. Or if you prefer, the Diesel Destroyers.

Oooh… I do prefer. Joining Kball on the Diesel Destroyers is Ali and Mikeal. Good luck! Alright. Well, with that, let’s begin our first round. We’re gonna call up the two team captains for round one. Emma versus Kball. Now, I will name the question, you will buzz in verbally, however you deem appropriate, and you will answer what you think is the most answered response. We surveyed 112 JS Party listeners, and the one who gets the highest response wins the board. Are you ready?

Sure. Wait… As the newb to Feud-like things - do we have to ask in a Jeopardy manner, like “What is…” whatever? Or just say it.

No. I mean, sure… Why not? [laughs]

You can… But unless you think most people who took the survey answered in a question, I would not advise it. Okay… Just let Emma go first on this one, Kball; you’ll learn the ropes. [laughter] Alright, are you ready? Name a JavaScript function that most frontenders know.


Emma has buzzed in.

Array.forEach( ) ?

I’m sorry, that is not on the list.

A JavaScript function… That’s so broad.


I didn’t buzz. Somebody buzzed for me.

I buzzed.

You’re not up, man. It’s Kball’s turn. [laughter]

Oh, I thought that it was the whole team.

Well, so he’s up to win the board, and then his team will full partake… So hold on there, even though you know the answer. Kball, name a JavaScript function that most frontenders know.

Hm… encodeURIComponent( ).

[fail sound] You’re making this way harder than it needs to be… [laughter] Back to Emma. Emma, please name a JavaScript – you already know the question. What have you got?

How about addEventListener( )? [fail sound] I don’t know… This is such a weird question, Jerod.

We’ve surveyed 112 JS Party listeners… 27 of them said the exact same thing. Kball, what is a JavaScript function that most frontenders know? Frontend Feud off to a hot start… [laughter]

Can you at least tell us if either one of us was like hot?

You know, jQuery is technically a function…

No. Cold. You were both very cold. Well, those were answered by a few people, but not on the top five answers. So…

I guess that is a good point. So it doesn’t have to be a built-in function. So let’s go with jQuery. [fail sound]

Nope. Not jQuery. [laughter] It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the game… Here we are… Emma.

You should give us the bottom answer so we know what general things we’re looking for. Because this is really hard. Just saying.

You’re definitely in the right range, you’re naming functions. [laughter]

Okay, fine. We’re gonna keep going.

How about window.setTimeout( )? [fail sound]

You’re getting more obscure. Try to get less obscure. [laughter]

setTimeout is not obscure… [laughter]

Good point.

A JavaScript function… No hints about like is it scoped, or on an object, or anything like that. Hm…

No, you don’t get a hint if I don’t get a hint. That ain’t fair.

Did you already do four each?

She did. That one is somewhat close, I guess, if you wanna play hot or cold… You’re warm.

Alright, let’s say map. Array.map( ). [win sound]

That is correct! 27 people said Array.map( ), so Kball, there are now five answers on the board. You’ve given one of them. Your team has three chances to name the other four, at which point you get all the points. Or you can pass it to the other team and make them try to answer these. What would you like to do?

Given how this started, I’m gonna pass.

You’re gonna pass, okay. So team Emma is going to play the board, and we’re gonna start with Abenezer, because Emma has had plenty of guesses already. Abenezer, name a JavaScript function that most frontenders know.

getElementById( )? [win sound]

Correct. Four people answered with getElementById( ).

Hell yes! Sweden for the win!

You have two of the five. There’s three left on the board; slots 2, 3 and 4 are still wide open. Nick, your turn.

I will go with querySelector( ). [win sound]

querySelector( ) is on there. That’s the number four answer. Five people answered querySelector( ). You’re off to a much better start than your team captain… Speaking of - Emma, it’s your turn.

How about getElementsByClassName( )? [fail sound] Ah, for f**** sake! [laughter]

Careful there…

I caught myself…

Think about the kids… [laughter]

That’s right. Think about the kids. Abenezer, back to you. You have one strike. There’s two strikes left; there’s two more answers on the board, number two and number three.

Geez… So the question is still the same, right? It’s a popular JavaScript function.

Yes, that’s right.

Geez… Yeah, I should have been thinking… I thought I got by. [laughter]

It loops around. It’s a while loop.

Yeah, cool… Let’s go with…

You’ve just gotta guess, sir. We’ll run out of time.

Yeah, I’ll go with – geez, this is really hard…

You’re stalling.

I mean, you can pass if you really can’t think of anything.

It’s hard to think when you’re on the spot. I’m gonna pass, yeah. [fail sound]

I know.

That’s a wrong answer. Alright, two strikes, Nick. You can save the team here.

Oh, no…

There’s two left.

Okay… You said not obscure, but I’m gonna go with reduce anyway.

Nice. [fail sound] Oh, wow…

That was a solid guess.

Okay, that is three strikes.

Solid guess, Nick.

Now, team Kball - the Diesel Destroyers - you can now confirm amongst yourselves; you can steal the board by naming one of the two remaining answers. There’s two left on the board.

And we can discuss it, right?

Yeah, go ahead and discuss.

I feel like the guesses that we were making upfront - Jerod was saying we were in the right ballpark, and we could only hit number one on those ones… So I’m guessing Array.forEach( ) is probably in there still. What do you all think?

No, I think it’s in the top five–

Yeah, if it’s in the top five…

Any of the top five would have been right.

That’s right. It has to be in the top five.

Wait, wait, wait… When Emma and I were head-to-head - any in the top five? Or we were just going for number one?

No, any of the top five.

Yeah, you were missing all of them.

I’m a little bit torn right now between a couple… So the ones that I think it may be are toString( ), because it’s all over the place, and pretty obvious… And then the JSON methods for stringify and parse.

Oh, interesting. parseInt( ) would be another interesting one… Or filter.


Because map was the top one.

And we get one guess to steal?

You get one guess. There’s two out there. Either one will win it for you.

There’s like a section of people that are into arrays and functional programming on arrays, and their favorite is always map. So I feel like they’ve just self-selected into doing map.

We’ve got that. Yeah. And if forEach isn’t on there then reduce won’t be on there.

Especially if reduce wasn’t there, right? Like, if reduce wasn’t there, then - hm…

It’s true.

Just saying, there’s a time limit on this consultation…

I like either parseInt( ) or JSON.stringify( ).

Cool. Which one?

Either one.

JSON.stringify( ) I think is probably more likely.

Let’s go with it. JSON.stringify( ). [fail sound] Aww…! Was it parseInt( )?

I will say that both JSON.stringify( ) and parseInt( ) had been answered, but they were all with one point. Not enough. You’re probably gonna kick yourself… The number two answer, with 24 answers, is console.log( ). [laughter]

Of course.

And the number three answer, with seven responses, was alert.

Oh, wow. I haven’t used alert in forever.

To be fair, Jerod, my first original answer was so close… I just want credit for that, because…

forEach( )?

Was that my first one?

It was pretty good. Pretty good. There were a couple of forEach’es out there. I think it was just underneath the threshold of being on the board. So after round one, what happened was team Emma managed to hang on to their 36 points that they scored during round one. So now we move to round two, and we call up to the front Abenezer and Ali. Are you two ready?

Okay. Name a place where frontenders go to write code.

Ali has buzzed in.

Their text editor, or like VS Code. [win sound]

That is the number five answer, with six responses. So you’re on the board, but Abenezer gets a chance to also answer. If he can score higher than that, then he wins the board.

Cafe… [win sound] Number one answer!


I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting to be more like software.

I was thinking virtual space, too.

Yeah, I think we had wildly different interpretations on this…

Wildly different answers. That’s right. 26 people answered coffee shop, or cafe, or Starbucks. That was your number one answer. So there’s six answers total on the board. Two of them have already been taken, since you’ve both hit them, and Abenezer won the board, so your team can now play it or pass it. What would you like to do?

It’s up to you, sir.

Do I have to decide, or can I confer?

Your team can decide.

Yeah, go for it. Why not.

Do you wanna do it? Alright.

Play it.

Yeah, we can play it.

Alright, they’re playing. So we move next to Nick. Nick, name a place where frontenders go to write code.

Their basement. [fail sound] [laughter]

Valiant guess.

That’s backend, not frontend. [laughter]

Oh…! Yikes. I will say that somebody did answer with that, but it did not make the top six. So we move to Emma. That’s one strike.

Oh, my gosh…

I say that as a backend developer, by the way.

Good save.

How about their bed? [fail sound]

It’s getting weirder…

I will type code in bed…!

I will say that one was also an answer…

Thank you!

…but not good enough to make the board… Which means it’s back to Abenezer. You now have two strikes.

We’re learning about each of you here.

Oh, man…

You have two strikes against you, and there’s four answers left on the board.

So where developers go to write code.

I’ll remind you that the people that took the survey answered the exact same phrase that I’m reading to you: “Name a place where frontenders go to write code.” That’s what they saw.

Alright. My answer is gonna be “Work.” [win sound]

Number four answer. Very good. Worth nine points. So now they have three left on the board. You have the number two, the number three and the number six still out there for you. Nick, it’s your turn, last strike right here.

Oh, no…

What have you got?

A place where frontenders go to write code… I don’t know. I’ll say CodeSandbox. [win sound]

Number six answer. Very good!

Well done.

Six people responded with CodeSandbox. Now we are down to two left, and one strike left. Emma, it’s your turn.

Oh, my gosh… Well, given that he’s just said CodeSandbox, I guess I’ll go for CodePen. [win sound]

Number two answer.

Darn it. I had that in reserve.

CodePen, worth 23 points. We are now down to just one response on the board, and one strike left. Abenezer, it’s all in your hands.

Geez. Not again. One strike left - alright, I will go with… This is probably old. JSFiddle. [fail sound]

I’m sorry, that is incorrect.

That was a good answer though…

Good answer. Now we go to team Kball. Same as last time around - you have a chance to steal. Confer amongst yourselves… Take less time than the last time, and go ahead and give me an answer, please.

Quick question, Jerod - how much liberty did you take in combining answers that were similar to each other?

If they were similar enough, I combined them. So work and office, I put those together.

Okay. That was my exact question.

Yeah. IDE and editor - I put those together. Coffee shop and Starbucks… So if they were logically the same thing, but they were just different, then I combined them.

I feel like we’re gonna be out of physical places then, and it’s just all digital now. Glitch maybe?

Glitch is an interesting one. Or I was even just thinking the browser.

That’s what I was thinking, too. The browser console.

Repl, in general?

I don’t think frontenders tend to think of it as Repl, but…

Backender over there…

Good call.

So you’re thinking browser? Is that your answer? What’s your answer?

What do you think? How do you feel about it, Ali?

Yeah, I think it’s good.

Alright, let’s go with the browser. [fail sound]

I’m sorry, that is incorrect.

Wow… I thought you had it.

The number three response with ten answers was GitHub.

I was gonna guess that, but then I’m like “There’s no way…”

Who writes code on GitHub…? [laughs]

I was thinking that, yeah.

Who writes code on GitHub?!

I mean, I do, but I don’t talk about it…

“I do, but I don’t talk about it…”

I write code on GitHub all the time… [laughter]

Yeah, I do too, but it’s not something I share…

Only markdown… [laughs]

It’s code spaces now. That’s a totally valid answer.

Oh, true.

Good point.

No, but – I mean, I write full-on patches sometimes… [laughter]

The truth comes out…

If you have good enough tests and they’re in Actions, why not.

Right. Alright, that concludes round two. Team Emma, the – what’s your name, the Assassins?

Hypertext Assassins.

The Hypertext Assassins have won both the first two rounds, and they have currently 106 points. Team Kball sitting at zero.

Let’s move now to round three. We’re gonna call up Nick and Mikeal. Are you guys ready?

Please be frontend, please be frontend…

This is a fun one… Remember to buzz in and name your answer. Name a style of music people listen to while programming.

Mikeal has buzzed in.

EDM. [win sound] Number three answer, so Nick still has a chance at it.

I’ll say – what’s it called…? Dubstep. [fail sound]

Dubstep did not make the list. So Mikeal has won the board. Team Kball gets to play for the first time… Or you can pass it back to team Emma. What would you like to do?

What do y’all think?

There’s four answers on the board.

I feel like we haven’t played it yet, so we should play it.

I know, we’ve gotta play.

We have to play it.

Just so you know, two of us work at Spotify, so… [laughs]

Oh, yeah. Disclaimer.

This is not fair.

Yeah, totally not fair.

Well, at least there’s one on each team, right?

It’s balanced.

Yeah, exactly.

Are podcasts a genre of music?

Good question. [laughter] So Mikeal won the board. Kball, that means it’s your turn. There’s three strikes, and you have three answers left on the board.

Jerod, can you repeat the question again? I just wanna know the exact wording.

Yes. Name a style of music people listen to while programming.

And Mikeal, you said EDM?


Let’s go with jazz. [fail sound]

There were a few jazz answers, but not enough to make the top four.

Jerod, can I make a request, and if everyone agrees, can we adopt it, where like if someone gives you an answer that you’ve already grouped in with another answer that’s on the board, can you just let us know and let them go again? Because I feel like that wouldn’t be fair… You know what I mean?

Yeah, that makes sense. Okay, we go to Ali.

I wanna go with classical. [win sound]

Number four answer.

Seven responses, classical. So you have two of the four. You have the bottom two. We still have the number one and number two answers, and there’s two strikes left. Kball - your turn. No, it’s Mikeal.

It’s gotta be Mikeal.

Yeah, Mikeal’s turn.

I’m gonna go with hip hop. [fail sound] What?!


Who else does not listen to Wu-Tang while they write code? Come on.


I have long learned that I am abnormal, but I’m out of ideas, so I’m gonna go with what I listen to when I write code… Reggaeton. [fail sound] [laughter]

That was a very specific answer… Isn’t that a style of pasta? [laughs]

That’s rigatoni, I think…

I know, I’m kidding… [laughs]

Y’all are missing out, that’s all I’m gonna say.

One person did say reggae… And I’m wondering, Kball, did you take this survey? [laughter]

No. And there is a substantial difference between reggae and reggaeton.

See, that’s what a lout I am. I don’t even know the difference, so I have no taste there in that place. Okay, so chance to steal… Didn’t mean to laugh at you, Kball.

Y’all are just missing out.

No, I think it’s great; it’s just I wouldn’t have assumed that anyone else was–

There’s room for huge expansion here. [laughs] No, I was just out of ideas. I was like “What do I listen to? I listen to reggaeton.” J Balvin, man. All the time.

So team Emma, you now have a chance to steal. You have the top two answers left.

I have ideas… Hold on, we need to confer. I’m guessing either Low-Fi, so like beat kind of music, with some kind of a melody, or white noise.

I was thinking the same.

Yeah, same. I was thinking either nothing, or white noise, or ambient sounds.

Should we try ambient sounds first then, and see if…?

Yeah, I guess they would be grouped together, like white noise in train stations, and… Yeah.

I’ll say that that is groups into one – ah, how do I do this… It’s sort of correct.

What’s the best kind of correct?

I think Emma’s rule might cause for this to not work.

Yeah. [fail sound] I’m gonna go ahead and say wrong. Sorry, it wasn’t close enough. So the answers left on the board - number one was Electronic, Techno and Trance grouped together…

EDM, does it – okay.

Well, see - I had to separate EDM as its own, because I had so many people that just said EDM, and there was 12 of them. 27 total said techno, or trance, or electronic, or house… Which I realized, once you get inside these genres, their subgenres… So the number one answer was that, 27 people. Number two was low-fi/chill beats. So you had it right on the tips of your tongues.

Yeah, but we guessed with the noise, and that definitely wasn’t there.


Dang it…!

So a couple other answers that – three people said soundtracks, which I thought was a good one… Two people said video games. Like I said, one said reggae, one said classic rock, so I thought, Nick, maybe you took the survey… And then one person did say podcasts, which - I’m all for listening to podcasts, but a) not music, and b) while you’re coding? Really? Listening to podcasts?

You’ve gotta be trying to not answer the question if you say podcasts… Because it’s a very specific genre of music.

Exactly, exactly.

I can’t believe it wasn’t specifically just Careless Whisper on repeat…

Just on repeat? [laughter] Friends can listen to Carless Whisper in the dark… Okay.

I dig it.

So that round - it goes to team Kball. Unfortunately, they only answered the bottom two, so they got 12 plus 7. They scored 19 points.

It was hard…

So now it’s 106 to 19… And we move to round four, which is also our final round.

I love the music.

We’re going back to the place we started, Emma versus Kball.

Oh, non-subject matter, okay. Whew!

No. We’ve moved on from functions.

You’ve stumped me so far.

Name something you might bring to a frontend job interview.

Your resume. [win sound]

Correct. Number three answer, with 13 responses. So there’s still two chances for Kball to steal.

Your laptop.

Yeah, I didn’t think that through…

[win sound] Number one answer, laptop, or computer. So Kball takes the board. Do you wanna play or pass?

I guess let’s play.

Okay, you are playing. You have the number one and the number three answers. There are five total, so there’s three answers left on the board, and it’s Ali’s turn.

I don’t know… Water. It’s the only thing I can think of. [laughs] [fail sound]

The company provides water.

I know, but… [laughter]

If they don’t, you shouldn’t work there.

To be fair, Ali, I would have guessed that, too.

It’s tough.

Yeah. There’s definitely people that answered water, but not enough to score. Okay, going to Mikeal…

I wanna say conference T-shirt, but I’m thinking that might not be an answer that’s very popular… What are things that you bring to an interview…? Useless answers to questions about B Trees?

Frontend interview. Frontend interview.

Frontend interview, that’s right.

Frontend interview at Google - useless answers to questions about B Trees… [laughter] Yeah, I’m just gonna say conference T-shirt… Yeah, whatever. I don’t have a better answer. [fail sound]

You aren’t the only person that said that, but there were very few, so… That’s a strike. You have two strikes against you. There’s still three on the board. Back to Kball… Name something you might bring to a frontend job interview.

The audience here who were filling this out was our listeners…

That’s correct.

… so it’s gotta be JS Party swag. [fail sound]

That would have been mixed in with conference T-shirt!


It’s your own team though. I can’t–

That would have been grouped in with conference T-shirt though, right?


Give them another answer. That was sad…

You have to, yeah.

It’s your own team.

You have to say “That would have been grouped if it would have been an answer, I think.

That was more of a plug than a good answer, wasn’t it? [laughter]

Y’all have figured me out here. I’m not trying to win anymore.

I love it. [laughter]

Alright, Kball, I’ll give you another shot, just because of the JS Party reference.

Let’s see… To a frontend interview…

What are the ones that are taken again? It’s laptop…

Laptop and resume. Resume or CV. It was the other combined answer.

Once again, I’ll just go into what would I bring, which is gonna be totally off…


I’d bring a notebook.

What did you say?

A notebook.

[win sound] That’s the number four answer. Notebook, or pen and paper. I combined those.

You act like you said you were gonna bring your pet skunk, or something… [laughter]

I thought he was gonna say rigatoni again. [laughter] Okay, that’s correct! So you’re still in it…

Rigatoni… [laughs]

We’ll go to Ali.

No, that’s the pump-up music I listen to on the way.

On the way…! Good call. Alright, you’ve got one more chance here, Ali. You’ve got two answers left.

This is so hard. Your own whiteboard? I have no idea. [fail sound] [laughter] I just really want to get whiteboarded…

“Your whiteboards are insufficient. I brought mine!”

It’s a very different BYOB.

Yeah, really. Okay, so chance to steal, team Emma.

Alright, guys, I have ideas. I’m thinking it’s either something intangible, like confidence, or a smile…

I was thinking confidence, too.

I was thinking something like code examples. Printed out… “I printed out my code.”

Yeah, like a coding book, or like… But at the same time, last time we were pretty certain it was gonna be white noise, and now I’m like “Hm… Maybe it is confidence.”

Do frontend developers bring a portfolio? Is that a thing?

That would have been grouped in CV, I think.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

Should we go confidence, or should we go notes? I think notes might be good, because you wanna do last-minute studying…

Notebook has been taken. Notebook/pen & paper was taken.

Oh, okay. That’s a good point. So maybe should we just go confidence?


I like it. I’m confident about this one.

Alright, confidence, for 500, please. [fail sound]


Somebody said confidence, but not enough. And this one might get controversial, because I did not group together past projects/portfolio with resume.

Are you serious?

I was gonna comment on that, but then held back in hopes of winning.

Because it’s different. It’s a different thing. Isn’t it?

Yeah, you’re right. It is.

Like, printed out?

Well, they’ve just said “I bring my past projects.” I think it’s your history, it’s your experience; it’s not necessarily your resume, but in a sense it is your resume.

I bring my GitHub accounts to the interview…

Yeah, you have your laptop already…

My SSH key…

You print it out, “This is where I took comments, this is how I made an if statement…”

Here’s how the breakdown went - 22 people said laptop or computer, and then 16 said portfolio or past projects. And then 13 said resume or CV. 8 said notebook, pen and paper, and then 6 (the number five answer) was a combination of people saying me, myself, my brain… Self-referential statements… Which was like “Of course you’re gonna bring yourself.”

It’s like confidence, but… Not.

We love our listeners… Well, there were some confidence people. Some people said humor, positivity, confidence… There was like a couple of those. One person said “Your A game.” [laughter]

Oh, I feel like you got robbed a little on the confidence. I mean, it only would have been one person, but I feel like those would have been grouped together.

Thank you.


Somebody said pants, a fancy shirt… Someone did say a Node.js T-shirt.

I was gonna say, in the age of Zoom interviews, do you really need pants? I can see no one’s pants right now.

And then the two answers that really confused me the most - one person said blockchain… [laughter]

Of course.

And one person said GraphQL. So… There you go.

They’re gonna bring GraphQL. Oh…

That is funny, in that the solution to everything is a blockchain.

I love it. I think the audience has humor.

That’s the best part about this game. This game - you can get whatever answers people dream up.

Okay, so after the regular rounds – team Kball wins that round, but there’s only a few points. It totals up to 62 points. And team Emma has 106 points. So team Emma wins, and now we move on to our Fast Money round. Emma, the three of you can decide which of the two of you – or maybe just decide who’s gonna sit out and not play Fast Money round.

As the newbie, I can sit back and appreciate my team. Go for it.


I think as the non-regular you should be on, and I’ll sit out.

Well, you are a guest…

Oh my God, all of the nice people… I didn’t even offer, because I’m ready to go. [laughter]

Emma wants to play. She’s ready.

Go ahead, Abenezer.


Thanks, Nick.

Alright, so Emma and Abenezer? Okay.

Thanks, Nick.

Abenezer, do you want to go first or second? If you go second, you cannot answer the things I’ve already answered.

Right. And you also have to go into a cone of silence.

And it’s fast.

So here’s how this works - one of you will go first. I have five things to name, and you’re just trying to get the highest up the count. So you’re trying to find the number one answer. You’ve got ten seconds. So you’ve gotta just name it, name it, name it. There’s five of those. Then when the first person is done, then we bring out the person who’s been silenced, and it’s their turn. They have to have no knowledge of what the first person guessed, and they go through the same five. Now, they get a little bit longer time, because if you duplicate what the first person says, you get a second guess. And then we add up the total points and see what we score. So would you like to go first or second?

Let me see if I got that. So you basically list out five categories, and we have to just name as many of those things as possible.

You name one thing per category.

Per category.

I’ll name five categories, you’ll name one. So you’re trying to find the top one for each, and then we move on.

Alright, cool.

Who wants to go first?

What do you think, Emma?

I’m happy to let you go first, because I’m really good at BS-ing my way through things…

Wow. I love it.

So I can do that. Jerod, in terms of me going into a cone of silence - I can mute this screen and just look at our DM, and you just DM me when you need me to come back.

Yes, very good.

So turn off your things, mute the things…


Enter the cone of silence.

We’ve gotta say some nasty things about Emma to make sure she’s actually muted, right?

Can you believe that one? [laughter] She’s laughing, so I don’t think she’s muted yet.

I don’t think someone would cheat to get a non-existent prize.

You don’t know how competitive she is.

You haven’t played with Emma. [laughter] She wants to win, man. She wants to win.

No, I think it’s fine.

Is she actually muted now?

They’ve already basically won. It’s just like the degree of winning.


I don’t know if she’s forgiven me for JS Jeopardy yet though, so…

That’s true. Alright, Abenezer, are you ready?

Okay. Let’s play a sound, so it sounds like we’re starting a thing. Name a database often used in web development.


Name a semantic HTML element.


Name a JavaScript library that you use often.

Name something that you associate with Google Chrome.


Last one - name something people eat while coding.

Okay, very good.

That was really good. I feel like that was a lot of top answers.

Alright, let’s go to Emma here. Let me get her back. Okay, I just DM-ed her. Let’s see if she notices. There she comes.

Nice… You look so sad. I’m scared.

No, he did great.

No table talk?

I know you can’t tell me anything, so…

Okay, Emma… Same thing that I just did to Abenezer. If you have an answer that’s duplicated, you’ll hear this sound.

But I do get an extra five seconds, right?

That’s correct.

Are you ready?

Oh, yeah.

Name a database often used in web development.

Name a semantic HTML element.

Div. Dammit, sorry. [laughter]

Name a JavaScript library that you use often.


Name something that you associate with Google Chrome.

DevTools. [repeat sound] Searching things. I don’t know…

Okay. Name something people eat while coding.

Oh my god, that was so bad. I’m never playing another game again. I’m going into a cone of shame.

Shout-out to jQuery though.

I think y’all are winning already.

Those were good, because Abenezer hit all of the top ones.

Name a semantic element. Div? [laughter]

You found the one…

Well, that was the best moment of this show so far…

But I feel like that’s a mistake that a lot of people might make… So there actually might be a lot of those… [laughter]

You did call yourselves the HTML Assassins, right? [laughter] You assassinated HTML right there… [laughter]

But what was the first question? I don’t remember, because I struggled…


Well, let’s go through them one by one here.

That was a great answer for database, because he said Postgres and you said MySQL.

Oh, okay.

That’s right. So name a database often used in web development - Postgres was the number two answer with 21, so you got 21 points there. And then Emma, you said MySQL, which was the number three answer, with 20. So you scored very well on that round. The number one answer, with 44, was MongoDB.


Yup. Also making the board - local storage, with seven, SQLite with 4, Firebase with 4, one person said Redis. Okay. Name a semantic HTML element - we had section, that was Abenezer’s, and that was the number two answer, with 17.

Let me see how I’m gonna add these up here.

Please tell me someone said div.

And Emma said div, and so did four other people, so you got four points for that.

Number six answer. The number one answer was article.

I’m a little surprised by that.

I thought section would be above article.

That’s like you’re trying to prove how smart you are at HTML.

Article is a deep cut. I don’t know how often people use it, but…

You’ve got a savvy survey crew here…

Yeah, we do. We have very smart listeners. Okay, the next one - name a JavaScript library that you use often. We had React, which was the number one answer, 29 points, and we had jQuery, which was the number four answer, with 6 points. So you both did very well there.

I don’t use jQuery, but it was the only thing I remembered…

Coming in at number two - Lodash, with 17 points. Then Vue with 9, jQuery (like we said) with 6, Moment also with 6, and then some other ones… What’s this TypeScript thing? I don’t know. Okay, moving on…

Name something that you associate with Google Chrome. Abenezer, you said DevTools - number one answer, DevTools. Very good. 37 people said DevTools. Emma, you said “searching things.”


Can I find it on the board somewhere?

Search is not on the board?

Did no one say “monopoly”, or…?

Okay, so number one answer was DevTools, with 37. Number two was memory use and RAM, with 24. [laughter] Number three was tracking and privacy, with 13, and then monopoly was number four, with 5. And then just the word Google… People associate Google with Google Chrome. Five people said that. Three said tabs, three said extensions, two said v8.

Tab city.

So no points for Emma there.

I may have said updates, or something, for that…


Name something people eat while coding. Abenezer said nuts; it is on the board, number seven; mixed nuts. Plus four, so you get four points there.

It’s bar food.

And Emma said chips, number one answer. 28 points.

Ha-ha! We ain’t healthy…! It could be sand chips I guess, but…

Other answers include Cheetos, pizza, protein bars, cookies, candies, sweets, chocolate… And coffee, which–

People are eating coffee.

Good answer, but you don’t eat coffee…

You’ve never brewed it really dark…

Ramen, Beef Jerky and Soylent.

I feel like there’s some kind of Always Sunny in Philedelphia Charlie in there who’s always saying Blockchain and Soylent [laughter]

Yeah. There were two Soylents though…

These are Charlie answers, for sure…


So combined, the two of you scored 166 points. You were trying to get to get to 200; you didn’t quite make it, but the numbers were completely arbitrary, because I don’t even know how this game really works… Plus, there’s no money. So hey, let’s just say you guys won!


This is so much fun!

Okay, so that has been Frontend Feud. The HTML Assassins really murdered this one, and managed to pull out a victory. The Diesel Destroyers also were here… And thanks so much everybody for playing; thank you, Emma, thank you Abenezer, thanks Nick, thanks Kball, thank you Ali, and thank you Mikeal. Our special guests, Abenezer and Ali - thanks for hopping on and being part of JS Party. We appreciate it a lot.


That’s Frontend Feud. If you want us to play this again, let us know. Comment, like and subscribe. Do whatever it is that makes us know that we wanna play again. We do have more questions. We covered about 10 of them, and we asked 25. So there’s more available. We can keep playing this game if you’d like to hear it.

We could do one about Node.js, too.

I’ve gotta say, y’all are missing out if you’re not listening to reggaeton, especially if you’ve got a standing desk. I’m dancing all day as I’m coding here. [laughter]

[unintelligible 00:41:00.14]

So we’ll leave you with the visual thought of Kball dancing to reggaetoni… That’s JS Party for this week, we’ll talk to you next time.

Alright… I didn’t have my normal JS Party [unintelligible 00:42:20.17] No, that’s JS Danger. There it is… Now it’s the chill beats. Everybody can relax…

On low-fi…

There we go.

I forgot to read, one of them was – on where do people code… I wrote down some of the funny answers, but I forgot to read them on the show. Oh yeah, so three people did say the basement. One person said outside, one person said front yard, one person said back alley… [laughter]

Did you do these interviews live, or were they a form, or something like that?

It was a form, yeah.

Okay. So then that gives people time to troll, or whatever…

Totally. And sit there and think.

One person said C:\ I was like, “Well, that’s a nerd…” And then the best one - I forgot to read it on the show - Where do people code, “The darkest depths of hell.” [laughter]

That’s the title of this show.

I forgot to read it…! But that was fun. Thanks for playing, everyone.

Yeah, that was fun! Thank you for putting that together.

So much fun!


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