JS Party – Episode #237

Qwik is a new kind of web framework

featuring Miško Hevery from Builder.io

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AngularJS creator Miško Hevery has a new web framework he wants to tell us about, but he’s not pitching just another framework, but with different DX. He says that Qwik is a fundamental rethinking of how a web application should work. And he’s here to convince Jerod & KBall that the implications of that are BIG.



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1 00:00 Opener
2 00:14 Sponsor: Raygun
3 01:46 Intro
4 02:30 Welcoming Miško
5 03:16 Holla! React Brussels
6 04:40 Why another framework
7 10:25 Shoe buying & performance
8 12:24 Taking the analogy too far
9 13:40 On resumability
10 18:14 Kinda like Svelte?
11 20:52 Sponsor: Square
12 21:55 Qwik is full-stack?
13 31:34 State management DX
14 33:28 Qwik's perf upgrade
15 37:33 Origin story (part 1)
16 39:52 React compatibility
17 42:35 Sponsor: Hasura
18 44:30 Sponsor: Sourcegraph
19 45:49 Origin story (part 2)
20 50:18 Partytown intro
21 53:51 Partyown details
22 56:04 Real-world usage?
23 57:30 Difference server solutions?
24 58:18 Debugging tools?
25 59:07 Partytown payload?
26 59:46 Not just another framework
27 1:00:54 Goodbye!
28 1:01:32 Outro


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