5 reasons why I love coding on Linux  ↦

Seth Kenlon:

It turns out that Linux is an excellent platform for programmers, both new and experienced. It’s not that you need Linux to program. There are successful developers on all different kinds of platforms. However, Linux has much to offer developers. Here are a few things I’ve found useful.

I switched from Linux to OS X macOS 15 years(ish) ago and I hadn’t looked back until the last year or two. It might be getting time to give Linux another shot. But which distro to choose?🤔


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2021-02-26T04:04:05Z ago

ubuntu-based distros (i.e. Elementary, Mint) are the safest and the least problematic simply due to

  • good defaults
  • targeting towards common folks
  • decent hardware vendor support (still check each component tho)
  • massive user base also ensures proper fuzzing of irl test cases

2021-02-26T04:40:42Z ago

and as to why i abandoned macOS:

  • everything became a problem

every major OS update came at a performance cost, find replacements for outdated close-sourced apps (not even sure if adobe switched to 64-bit binaries yet), not to mention expectation to entirely replace the computer every 4 years, if you with to keep things modern.

sure, i could chose to never update anything, but then what’s the point of having a mac, if i can just run an outdated PC or even chromebook for that matter? initial cost of a new mac no longer justified by “it just works” – all computers just work today, there is no difference unless you going for cutting edge.

macOS itself over the years became ever more aggressively locked down (for good reasons, but not for my use case) – price for fusing with iOS. the web became a place where most things are “happening” and by extent “living”, downgrading traditional desktop OSes to a still necessary abstraction layer.

one common reason to have a mac today – if you are an iOS developer.

macos for iphones, windows for games, linux for servers, web for everything else

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