A community fork of the popular Semantic UI framework  ↦

I’ve been using Semantic UI for years. Still do to this day. Unfortunately, the project hasn’t been sustainable with a BDFL despite Jack Lukic’s efforts (you can read a lot more on that history right here).

These things happen. And when they do, it’s awesome to see the community rally around the project and keep it alive and thriving. That’s exactly the case with Fomantic UI. Let’s be clear: this is no hostile takeover. From the README:

NOTE: Fomantic was created to continue active development of Semantic-UI and has the intent to be merged back into the master repository once active development can restart.

Let’s hope the two can become one flesh at some point in the future. In the meantime, Fomantic is where the action’s at.


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2019-01-29T18:59:18Z ago

Thanks for writing about Fomantic UI.
We planned to release the upcoming v2.7.2 this week. This release has new features, like ‘floating aligned labels’ and over 50 bugfixes. Most of them were trapped unfixed in the Semantic UI repo many years(!). We already got much positive feedback from thankful users which originally created those issues.
Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter via @fomanticui
This will be an awesome update!

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