JS Party JS Party #212

A deep-dive on Vite

Amal and Nick load up on coffee for a not-so-vite (lame joke!) conversation with Evan You all about Vite – a batteries included next-generation frontend tooling library. Vite continues to push the ecosystem forward with even stronger defaults, super speedy local development workflows, and a highly extensible universal plugin API. Need we say more?!


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2022-03-09T07:49:53Z ago

Hey! At one point in this podcast, Evan said:

“So Babel really only comes in two scenarios. One is you’re really targeting legacy browsers, and two is you need to do really custom plugins. Like, completely custom Babel plugins. That’s where Babel plugging. Another case where Babel plugging coming is if you use React…”

Then he was interrupted and didn’t get to finish the sentence. I’m very interested in the end of that sentence. What is the use case for Babel plugging when using React?

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