A fast `cd` command that learns your habits  ↦

zoxide keeps track of your most frequently used directories and uses a ranking algorithm to navigate to the best match. It was inspired by z and z.lua, but it’s written in Rust and out-performs both:

On my system, compiled with the x86_64-unknown-linux-musl target, hyperfine reports that zoxide runs 10-20x faster than z.lua, which, in turn, runs 3x faster than z. This is pretty significant, since this command runs once at every shell prompt, and any slowdown there will result in an increased loading time for every prompt.


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Burak Targaç

Burak Targaç


Born in Istanbul, lived in Fethiye for a long time where is located at south coasts of Turkey. Currently working as a Frontend dev, prefers JS where applicable.

2020-03-11T14:07:52Z ago

I use autojump on my mac, wondering if this is way faster than it? and should I switch to this one which attracts me because of Rust

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