A handy way to handle sh/bash CLI parameters  ↦

So Argc is a little Rust program that your bash scripts can use to make handling command-line parameters easy. You describe the options, parameters, and subcommands in comments like this:

# @describe A demo cli

# @cmd Upload a file
# @arg target!                      File to upload
upload() {
    echo "cmd                       upload"
    echo "arg:  target              $argc_target"

Then you trust Argc to parse that and do the heavy lifting:

eval "$(argc -e $0 "$@")"

The only drawback (aside from potential parsing bugs) to this approach is your script now depends on having argc in the machine’s executable path. i.e. – it’s not portable.

What’d be even cooler, IMHO, would be to instead use argc as a pre-processor of sorts that spits out a pure-bash implementation from your input script. Regardless, a cool idea!


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