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A local-first, markdown-based note taking tool for VS Code  ↦

whereas most tools (try to make it) easy to get notes in, they tend to make it hard to get them back out later, and it only gets worse as you add more notes. Dendron helps you get notes back out and works better the more notes you have.

There are a zillion and one note taking apps out there, but I like how Dendron positions itself here. I’ve never had a note-taking system that I stuck with, mostly because I rarely go back and find things in my notes that are useful. Most of that’s on me, but I wonder if some of it is on my tools not making retrieval a priority…

A local-first, markdown-based note taking tool for VS Code


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Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson


Tech Manager at BlenderBottle. Tech strategy, startups, NodeJS, Elixir, React, React Native, Docker, and more.

2021-04-05T15:47:54Z ago

As someone who has taken notes in various formats over the years (notebooks, binders, text files, Roam, Notion, wikis, tiddlywiki), I dove into using VS code for notetaking with Foam last summer, and then recently made the jump to Dendron.

The best part of Dendron is the retrieval - I was skeptical of hierarchies at first, but have come to appreciate it as a convenience for organizing ideas and finding them quickly, while not losing the benefits of linking between various types of content. The broader community and network effects emerging around Dendron are also great too.

These tools make it easier to take and link notes, which is helpful for generating ideas. It is still up to the author to use the tools, but if you are in VSCode all the time already (which I am), then having it open on its own workspace is a constant invitation to extend, retrieve, and work with my thoughts. Over time, it will accrue value that compounds. For me, that has happened after only a few months.

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