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2024-01-10T22:19:45Z ago

Hi Guys. I’m relatively new to listening to your podcast every week, but I have been listening to different AI podcasts for about 8 months now. (new to the game, I know). I have heard from other podcasts about the lack of policy on AI in corporate America, but also specifically in the education world. When I heard Chris call his child’s teacher “dumb” for not allowing students to access AI tools, it almost broke my heart. Please check on the school policy before calling a teacher dumb. I’m sorry if you didn’t have good experiences with teachers, but most of them are very hard workers and are often bullied by outsiders. It’s hurtful to hear such an insightful and thought-provoking podcast call educators dumb. In all the wisdom I’ve heard you two speak about, it would be great to have you all deliver a draft policy proposal to help the districts out. Thank you.

Chris Benson

Chris Benson


Chris Benson is Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist at Lockheed Martin. He came to Lockheed Martin from Honeywell SPS, where he was Chief Scientist for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Chris built and operationalized Honeywell’s first dedicated AI team from the ground up. Before that he was on the AI Team at Accenture.

As a strategist and thought leader, Chris is among the world’s most in-demand professional keynote speakers on artificial intelligence, machine learning, emerging technologies, and visionary futurism. His inspirational keynotes are known for their passion, energy, and clarity. He is a seasoned storyteller who delights in captivating his audiences with inspiring narratives and insightful analysis at conferences, broadcasts, interviews, forums, and corporate events around the world.

Chris is an innovative hands-on solutions architect for artificial intelligence and machine learning - and the emerging technologies they intersect - robotics, IoT, augmented reality, blockchain, mobile, edge, and cloud.

He is Co-Host of the Practical AI podcast, which reaches thousands of AI enthusiasts each week, and is also the Founder & Organizer of the Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup - one of the largest AI communities in the world.

Chris and his family are committed animal advocates who are active in animal rescue, and strive to make strategic improvements on specific animal welfare issues through advocacy for non-partisan, no-kill, and vegan legislation and regulation.

Chris Benson’s opinions are his own.


2024-01-11T00:32:03Z ago

I am very thankful to receive your feedback, and feel terrible for my flippant comment. I sincerely apologize to our audience - and to teachers or others whom I may have offended - through the use of the word “dumb” in reference to teachers and/or schools disallowing students the use of modern AI tools in their studies. “Dumb” is not at all how I feel about teachers, and my trademark intentional irreverence went a step too far with that comment. Please accept my genuine heartfelt apology, and know that I am always supportive of those who want to improve education for our children. Since I don’t have the option of changing the audio of the published episode, I will make an apology at the beginning of an upcoming episode. I hope you will stick around to hear it, and give Practical AI a second chance. Thank you for caring enough to say something, because you made a difference in this case.

Chris Benson
Cohost, Practical AI

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