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An open source, drop-in controller for the IKEA Bekant standing desk  ↦

OK so maybe you don’t use a standing desk… like I do. OR maybe you do, but you don’t use the IKEA Bekant desk in particular… like I do. STILL you can appreciate how hacker it is that someone built their own drop-in controller to add memory positions to the Bekant… right?

I wanted to have memory positions for easily switching between various work positions. I also didn’t want to be limited to just 2 positions. However, as I went through the process, I realized the hardest part was designing the enclosure. 3D Printing is a great option, but lacks that professional look, and limits the availability to those with printers. Additionally, getting custom membrane buttons that would look good was also extremely expensive. Simple push-buttons would take away from the look of the desk.

By targeting the factory enclosure, it keeps the original look and robustness, while adding functionality.

See it in action right here.


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