Announcing Bundler 2.0  ↦

Congrats to the Bundler team (and entire Ruby community) for shipping an awesome update to this critical piece of infrastructure! Bundler truly changed the game for Rubyists around the world and we continue to benefit from its goodness.

What’s new in 2.0? A lot, but I’ll cherry pick a minor change that made me smile:

Changed the github: 'some/repo' gem source to use the https schema by default

Finally! That’s worth the price of admission from where I’m sitting. Also:

With the release of Bundler 2, the core team now kicks off a new release schedule for Bundler: we’re going to aim for one major version release per year, so we can drop support for older Ruby and RubyGems versions around the same time that the Ruby core team does. Being able to stop supporting Ruby 1.8.7 is a huge relief!

To the future!


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