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2024-02-20T20:01:49Z ago

I was a bit skeptical when I heard Autumn at the beginning with that shy voice and super short answers to Justin but she was in fact awesome, and very dynamic! Great duo, great show!

Alex R

Alex R


2024-03-13T14:17:42Z ago

Super happy that this started back up! Nice to meet you both @autumn808 & @rothgar (? Maybe that’s the right tag…he has a direct link to his Twitter profile vs a /person/ page when I got to click his icon, so IDK if that’s the right way to tag him 😅), and I’ve loved every episode so far. I’m personally a more devops person, so while I enjoy and appreciate all the other changelog podcasts this one is personally my favorite 😁.

I’ll definitely miss @gerhard & loved all the episodes he did! Maybe he can come back every once in a while & you all can chat about something 🙃.

One thing I really thought was cool from his episodes was that he actually sat down & did some practical code changes for the changelog repo during the Christmas time. It doesn’t have to be on the changelog website, but having a video of the process + repo & demonstrating code examples or projects is really awesome from a practitioner’s perspective (IMO). IDK if that’s something that’s even feasible for your format & definitely would be a once in a while thing (too much would probably be overkill), but just wanted to mention it. 🙃

From your format, I really like the links/news topics at the end that you’ve been doing (I’ve listened to all the episodes, not just this one). I think that’s a nice touch to kind of report some “news” or recent/cool stuff 😊. Plus I like the catch-up segment you two do to almost intro the convo + the podcast. Since it helps not just be a hard cut to the recorded convo (at least that’s what it sounds like).

Again super appreciative for everything you have done & will do for this podcast! 🥳

2024-03-13T16:15:11Z ago

If you like practical coding examples you may enjoy the Fork it podcast/livestreams I did on YouTube last year. I’ve been debating starting that again but have been filling my time with Ship it recordings instead.

Alex R

Alex R


2024-03-15T11:34:09Z ago

Very cool! I love it, & I just got sucked in the EKS cluster games one 😄
I’m a security person & love CTFs, so that’s a really cool episode for me 🥳

Thank you for the recommendation!

BTW, since you work at Sidero, do you get to work with Talos Linux much? I’ve been acquainted with it for a while (at minimum since Ship It originally covered it, but I think longer than that) & was curious if there’s plans to talk more about it or kubespan at all on ShipIt?

Side note: I’m finally starting to get my work migrated from OVPN to Wireguard for our end user devices, but my long term goal is to convert all our end user devices we give to clients to k8s nodes (preferably Talos) then hopefully kubespan (eventually 😅) 😁

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