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Gabe Monroy Avatar Brendan Burns Avatar The Changelog #282

The Impact and Future of Kubernetes

From KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2017 — Brendan Burns (Kubernetes co-founder) and Gabe Monroy (creator of Deis) joined us on The Changelog to talk about the origin, impact, and future of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure. If Kubernetes let's you not think about your machines, I think in many cases people don't even want to have machines, this move towards serverless containers and the orchestration of serverless containers is the next really important part of what we're doing. — Brendan Burns, Kubernetes co-founder

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Why write postmortems?

Postmortems are a healthy exercise to do after an incident to learn the specifics of why it happened and what needs to be done to prevent it from happening again. A good report captures the risks of current services, and helps Product and Engineering to more proactively prioritize work on services. Someone from outside your team should be able to read your postmortem report and answer these five questions...

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Terraforming 1Password

Last weekend the folks at 1Password put out a tweet saying they were going down for a few hours to replace AWS CloudFormation with HashiCorp Terraform. The tweet got a lot of attention, particularly from people running or managing their services. It is like creating a brand new universe, from scratch. This post will go into technical details and I apologize in advance if I explain things too quickly. I tried to make up for this by including some pretty pictures but most of them ended up being code snippets.

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The Why and How of Ansible and Docker

Many reading this might be asking, "Why don't you just use Heroku?" There is a lot of interest from the tech community in both Docker and Ansible, I am hoping that after reading this article you will share our enthusiasm. You will also gain a practical insight into using Ansible and Docker for setting up a complete server environment for a Rails application.

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