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Cloud9: Node.js-powered IDE in the Sky

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The Team has finally unveiled Cloud9, their much anticpated IDE-in-the-sky. Cloud9 runs on a stack of Node.js, HTML5, and their own frameworks which Ruben and Rik discussed in episode #16.


Although an early alpha, Cloud9 looks polished and includes a number of cool features:

  • Easy hackability for Javascript developers
  • At least as good as existing IDE’s and text editors with help from the latest browsers
  • Local and remote file and repository integration
  • Debugging support for Chrome / NodeJS
  • Test and deploy your code in the cloud

To kick the tires yourself, you’ll need Node.js installed. You can then clone the repo and run the install script for your version:

$ bin/cloud9-osx64
$ bin/cloud9-lin32
> bincloud9-win32.bat

On the Mac, the script automatically starts the server and opens Cloud9 at http://localhost:3000.

[Source on GitHub] [Homepage] [Follow Cloud9IDE on Twitter]

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