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Deadlines as technology  ↦

Jim Nielsen:

I heard Paul Ford, a professional writer for Wired and other publications, say something on The Aboard Podcast, Episode 3 that resonated. Referring to a moment when lots of folks online were looking for the perfect writing environment, he said the software tool, workflow, environment, whatever, it didn’t matter. You could do it with pen and paper if you want.

The only technology that you need is deadlines.

Ooff. Yup, that resonates. That’s been the best piece of technology for making me productive too.

See also arbitrary deadlines are actually awesome by yours truly.


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2023-03-12T15:30:37Z ago

@jerodsanto, I remember your original article and I agree with it. The “problem” with deadlines is when those deadlines depend on other deadlines depending on other deadlines…that’s when problems creep in and people start cutting corners. Unfortunately, that happens all too often in larger projects with many team members. In smaller projects or even solo projects, deadlines can really “encourage” you to get moving. 😎

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