Don’t call it a comeback: why Java is still champ  ↦

Mike Melanson gives props to the language many of us (myself included) enjoy lampooning:

While Java may have hit some hiccups earlier in its life, nowadays the language and its greater ecosystem have picked up the pace to meet the needs of the future in a variety of ways. In fact, it never really went anywhere: Companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, Square, and Zoom all employ Java across their vast codebases. Not to mention much of the high-scale data infrastructure over the past decade has been powered by Java, with the language serving as the backbone for the likes of Apache Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark.

You’ll have to read the article to see how he backs up statements like this one:

After nearly 30 years of Java, you might expect the language to be showing some signs of wear and tear, but nothing could be further from the truth. Java in 2022 is not a language in decline, but rather a language preparing for the effervescent future of software development.


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