Arnold Galovics

Don’t start with microservices – monoliths are your friend  ↦

Arnold Galovics:

Microservices are getting natural and we almost feel like we’ve been always living in the world of microservices. Lately when I talked to other developers and asked how they would start a greenfield project, almost certainly the answer was, well, one microservice for this, another one for this, another one for user management, one more for authentication, another for authorization, one more for session management, and the list could go on.

I’m gonna try to shed some light on what nobody is talking about when it comes to microservices. And yeah, it’s gonna be a first-hand experience from a past projects I worked on.

This excellent piece gave me some serious deja vu of Kelsey Hightower’s monoliths are the future. I’m quite looking forward to Arnold’s upcoming “chapter 2” of the story.


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