Practical AI Practical AI #238

Fine-tuning vs RAG

In this episode we welcome back our good friend Demetrios from the MLOps Community to discuss fine-tuning vs. retrieval augmented generation. Along the way, we also chat about OpenAI Enterprise, results from the MLOps Community LLM survey, and the orchestration and evaluation of generative AI workloads.


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2023-10-08T19:25:36Z ago

Loved this episode! I would love perhaps a deeper dive on RAG vs Fine Tuning for domain specific data. That was quite surprising to me that fine tuning isn’t necessarily effective in producing a better model based on company specific data (internal docs, etc)

2023-10-16T17:23:23Z ago

RAG is used to reduce the hallucination right?
I mean RAG and fine-tuning has different use-case, finetuning is more like bringing the uniqueness in the output. Shouldn’t both go hand in hand?

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