Jerod Santo

Having to maintain your own cleverness 🎧  ↦

I had the honor of joining Robby Russell (who you may remember from Oh My Zsh) on his Maintainable podcast for a super-fun discussion on well-maintained software. Here’s how Robby describes it:

Robby has a chat with Jerod Santo, the Managing Editor and Partner of Changelog Media. Jerod helps lead and co-host Changelog’s flagship podcast, The Changelog, and builds all the cool stuff that makes Changelog awesome. Jerod shares his journey from being a typical networking engineer (Infosec) to the experienced programmer that he is today and his programming wisdom from the trenches.

Tune in as he highlights the undeniable importance of automated test suites and code readability, describes the arc of an engineer’s career, and talks about the past experiences that make him lean more towards clarity over cleverness when coding. He also shares some of the things engineers should consider in regard to pulling in third-party code or writing from scratch, and so much more. Enjoy!

Thanks for having me, Robby! 💚


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