Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #536

How do you do, fellow Hack Clubbers?

This week we’re joined by Zach Latta, the Founder of Hack Club. At 16, Zach tested out of high school and moved to SF to join Yo as their first engineer. After playing a key role at Yo, he founded Hack Club to help teen hackers start coding clubs around the world. Today, teen hackers can meet IRL, online, at a hackathon, or leverage Hack Club Bank a fiscal sponsor to create their own organization. Hack Club is the program Zach wished he had in high school.


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2023-04-24T06:46:55Z ago

Thanks for sharing this! I’m an IT guy with kids and would love to introduce my kids to Hack Club. In the episode it’s stated several times that it’s for teenagers. Is that a hard rule that you have to be 13 and above or are younger kids also welcome at the actual local clubs? Thanks again. -Hector

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