Peter Thaleikis

How I discovered faas and what it changed for me  ↦

Peter Thaleikis tells the story of how he got started with functions as a service:

Regularly, I discover myself thinking “wow, that’s so simple I can build this in a weekend”. My rational brain kicks in at some point: “Waaaaiiit a second, if it’s so simple, why am I not seeing this done a million times?”

Often, my developer mind insists on “it’s actually just two API endpoints and then I could do this and that”. And often this holds true for the core functionality.

I’m willing to be you’ve had that very same impulse (I know I have). He continues:

Function as a service sounds like a great step towards “just having a few API endpoints”. AWS Lambda is the name everyone is having in mind here. But any gains from simplicity are eaten up by AWS complexity.

Peter landed on faasd and explains what he likes about it. A solid read for the serverless-curious.


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Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis

London, UK

I help companies on their Cloud Native journey. CNCF Ambassador. OpenFaaS Founder.

2021-02-04T09:42:03Z ago

Hi everyone, it’s Alex - I started faasd as a bit of an experiment. It was contrary - no clustering, no HA, no complex infrastructure and I didn’t know if anyone would take it seriously.

Since then, there’s been companies putting it into production, and a sub-community developing around it of indie developers and individuals within companies.

If you’re interested in kicking the tires and seeing if it’s for you, we have a Slack channel and you’re welcome to join. Likewise, I’ve started doing some videos and writing on use-cases to help connect problems people are facing with this solution.


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