Baldur Bjarnason

I don't care how you web dev; I just need more better web apps  ↦

Baldur Bjarnson:

You don’t need to look far on web dev social media to find somebody lecturing everybody and nobody about how you should do web development. Hell, I’ve been guilty of that myself.

You should use this or that framework.

Or, you should not use this or that framework and instead use a cognitive framework like Model-View-Controller with ‘vanilla’ web components.

No, no, no Functional Reactive is where it’s at.

You should be writing code test-first and unit test everything.

Or, you should go light on the unit tests and focus instead on integration tests.

Or, end-to-end tests. Just test the shit out of the actual running app.

Or, you should use this different kind of unit test which doesn’t look anything like that other kind of unit test.

Those aren’t integration tests! This is an integration test! What’s wrong with you?!
You don’t pair program? Wow, your code must suck.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, you don’t get to be a “famous” social media influencer by posting reasoned, nuanced takes that end with something like: “I dunno, this works for me but it may not for you. It depends…”


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