Vivian Qu

In defense of apps that don’t need updates  ↦

Vivian Qu states her case as to why Apple’s decision to remove outdated apps from the App Store is dumb, especially for indies like her.

Never mind the fact that my app has a 5-star rating and was still being downloaded, with no complaints from any of my users. Also disregard the fact that I had other highly-rated apps up on the App Store, some of which had been updated much more recently than July 2019, clearly showing that I have not abandoned these apps entirely. If there had been an actual reviewer who checked my outdated app, they would have discovered that I architected the app from the beginning to dynamically scale the UI so it resizes to fit the latest iPhone devices. All these could be signals that indicate to Apple that this is not a garbage-filled scam app that is lowering the quality of their App Store.

She goes on to tell the entire saga that she (and others) were put through to keep their apps on the store. Sometimes an app isn’t outdated, it’s just complete. Ya know?


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