Jon Marshall wants to get kids into cryptocurrency  ↦

Another beautifully designed tech product with Pentagram steering the visual design (see my post from last week) – this time aimed at introducing kids to the world of Cryptocurrency. For some reason this feels Black Mirror-esque, but what doesn’t these days?

A collaboration with fintech start-up company Pigzbe, the new work wants to help “children and their families learn the principles of 21st century finance through cryptocurrency savings and hands-on play.” Sure beats settling down to all 704 pages of Thomas Piketty’s economic tome Capital.

The project is currently on Kickstarter. If you have kids, maybe consider backing it? (Just don’t put all of their college savings into it and expect that to pan out.)

Jon Marshall wants to get kids into cryptocurrency


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Cody Peterson

Cody Peterson

Portland, Oregon

UI/UX Designer and Developer. Future private detective. I now have a dog.

2018-12-05T16:43:01Z ago

TBH, I want one of these pig devices to store my meager crypto holdings. Also, it looks like they also developed a cryptocurrency around this called Wallo which they call “A family friendly token”.

 Itamar Turner-Trauring

Itamar Turner-Trauring

Helping Python software teams ship features faster.

2018-12-05T18:04:22Z ago

Cryptocurrencies are scams, plain and simple. You really shouldn’t be promoting ways to teach kids to lose their money.

(When my child is old to learn about finance I expect cryptocurrencies will be on the list of examples of how bubbles happen in the strangest of things, alongside beanie babies).

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