Ship It! Ship It! #60

Kaizen! Post-migration cleanup

In our 6th Kaizen, we talk with Jerod about all the things that we cleaned up after migrating from a managed Kubernetes to We deleted the K8s cluster and moved wildcard cert management to Fastly & all our vanity domain certs to We migrated the Docker Engine that our GitHub Actions is using - PR #416 has all the details. We did a few other things in preparation for our secrets plan. Thank you Maikel Vlasman, James Harr, Adrian Mester, Omri Gabay & Owen Valentine for kicking it off in our Slack #shipit channel.

Gerhard’s favourite improvement: the new domain.


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Alex R

Alex R

2022-07-11T13:20:24Z ago

Haven’t finished listening yet, but heard you all talking about tailscale’s keys expiring every 90 days. You can actually disable that, so you don’t have to renew it every few months:

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