Lerna alters license to ban ICE collaborators  ↦

Lerna, a tool for managing multiple packages from a single monorepo, is taking a hard stance against companies (and their subsidies) that collaborate with ICE, expressly forbidding those companies from using future versions of Lerna.

For the companies that are known supporters of ICE: Lerna will no longer be licensed as MIT for you. You will receive no licensing rights and any use of Lerna will be considered theft. You will not be able to pay for a license, the only way that it is going to change is by you publicly tearing your contracts with ICE.

@kittens later commented, discussing how companies subject to this new license could deal with this change:

If you’re employed by a subsidiary listed, direct any questions about the usage of Lerna to your company lawyer. This license only applies to future versions, you’re free to use old versions that do not contain this clause.

If you have concerns over the legality of relicensing. The MIT license allows sublicensing, which this falls under. Even still, all contributors implicitly agreed to the existing license, of which I am the original license holder, when they submitted code meaning we are within our rights to relicense.


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