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2022-09-22T20:35:56Z ago

More people should investigate NATS. There are so many things that you can remove from your infrastructure by using it. Derek Collison (CEO of Synadia, creator or NATS), recently posted this list of what you no longer need:

  1. Load Balancers
  2. Firewalls
  3. VPN/VPC
  4. Traffic Shapers
  5. External Latency Tracking
  6. Service Mesh
  7. K8S
  8. Cross cloud SecOps

Take a look here: https://nats.io

2022-09-23T03:52:26Z ago

That’s a really interesting list of things to deprecate with NATS. I can see how most of them can become unnecessary, but not all of them. Can you point me for example to an explanation of how NATS makes K8s irrelevant?

2022-09-23T14:57:09Z ago

Derek gave a clarification o the K8S item 😎:

“Please note you can of course deploy a NATS application in K8/3S, but its not required was my point to get a global microservices mesh working.”

I still think K8S is relevant for deploying applications…depending on the situation of course.

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