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nubnub: PubSubHubbub client/server for Node.js

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Yesterday, we released episode #37 in which Julien Genestoux from Superfeedr gives us the scoop on PubSubHubbub.

Later that day, Rick Olson, AKA technoweenie releases Nub Nub, client and server-side PubSubHubbub for Node.js. Coincidence? We think not!


Until Nub Nub makes its way into npm, you’ll need to vendor the project and then require it:

var nub = require('nubnub');

// subscribing to feeds
var sub = nub.subscribe(POST_DATA);
sub.callback      // some URL

// publish data 
sub.publish(items, {format: "atom"}, function(err, resp) {


Rick is looking to support backend stores including Redis, nStore, and more. If you’d like to help out, fork the project and send a pull request.

[Source on GitHub]

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