Phoenix’s LiveView: client-side Elixir at last?  ↦

Darin Wilson:

In his keynote at ElixirConf last week, Chris McCord announced a new feature for the Phoenix web framework that caused many jaws to hit the floor, and had the hall buzzing when the talk was over. The new feature, tentatively called “LiveView”, allows developers to add dynamic, client-side interactions to web pages, using code that runs in Elixir on the server.

What exactly is a LiveView, though? We don’t really know yet as this is an ongoing project and no code has been released yet.

But as near as I can tell, a LiveView is lot like a React component running in a GenServer – it even has a render function! And with the EEx sigil (which I didn’t know was a thing) the code feels a lot like JSX

I am unreasonably excited to see what becomes of this. 


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