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Semantic Versioning for TypeScript Types  ↦

Since TypeScript doesn’t follow SemVer itself, TS libraries which do want to follow SemVer need both high-level guidance about how to do that and detailed analysis of the corner cases to watch out for as well as ways to mitigate breaking changes from TS.

This doc is a (beta!) specification of SemVer for managing changes to TypeScript types, including when the TS compiler makes breaking changes in its type-checking and type emit across a “minor” release.


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Chris Krycho

Chris Krycho

Monument, Colorado

I’m Chris Krycho—a follower of Christ, a husband, and a dad. I’m a software engineer by trade; a theologian by vocation; and a writer, runner, composer, and erstwhile podcaster by hobby.

2022-05-02T17:44:50Z ago

Primary author here, happy to answer questions, take feedback, etc.! This came out of years of thinking and months of research and work at LinkedIn, and so far seems to be working well. I’m currently planning to do some work to improve the presentation to make it more actionable and useful to folks—breaking down the summary, the detailed spec section, and tooling guidance etc. so that folks can dive in to the depth they need.

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