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Should we stop listening to podcasts?  ↦

Betteridge’s law of headlines declares: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” But first, let’s see what CJ Chilvers has to say (emphasis mine):

We’re just numb to the Buzzfeed-ification of podcasts, even (especially?) in outlets like NPR.

Then came popular YouTuber CGPGrey (one my favorite podcasters) and his Project Cyclops. In short, this is a well-known, well-liked podcaster who is now advising people to stop listening to podcasts. He has promised to stop listening himself as well — he will only create.

Nothing against any of the people involved in this article, but all of it feels like an overreaction. If you feel that a podcast is wasting your time or that it’s not the quality production you want, the solution is simple: unsubscribe. You don’t go and start a movement calling for everyone to stop listening to podcasts. That’s just — as Jerod Santo put it when we were chatting about this story — asinine.

In further irony, GCPGrey still wants you to listen to the podcast he’s creating, obviously.


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