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The curious case of serverless on Kubernetes  ↦

Abraham Ingersoll:

While AWS continues its Mr. Softy strategy of extend, embrace and extinguish with Lambda, Google is doubling down on its Kubernetes masterstroke with the upcoming “Knative.”

Using the CNCF’s trail map as a guide, he finds four serious “Serverless on Kubernets” contenders in addition to Knative and overviews them each in turn.


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2019-03-04T17:09:49Z ago

“Serverless,” being such a meaningless tag line, is easy to ignore if you’ve never never needed to deploy a use case that can be encapsulated in a single function. Likewise, if you’re an admin of servers, the moniker can be downright frightening from a job security perspective. (In fact, the genesis of me investigating the options was a K8s certified administrator friend suggested that she didn’t need serverless because serverless didn’t need her!) What is surprising is how much Google is going to bat with Knative. They must see it as the most logical way for non-sysadmins to sidestep the complexity of native K8s APIs, while still not getting locked in to lambda?

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