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2023-01-15T21:15:46Z ago

“like PHP did for us, 10 or 20 years ago”. I know this is js-party, but damn. Why do i feel like any time a js developer mentions php, the last experience they had with it was php4-5, and they do somehow think its stopped evolving since then? It’d be like if i assumed js stopped evolving with the initial release of jquery.

2023-01-15T22:57:08Z ago

I certainly didn’t mean to imply PHP wasn’t still around or evolving. I just updated my own servers to the latest version a few months ago!

I forgot the context in which I said this, but when I bring up PHP in chats, I’m usually criticizing JavaScript developers for building things PHP was doing a decade ago and acting like it’s some novel invention.

2023-01-16T05:49:56Z ago

Haha, Fair enough. I think my comment perhaps was more directed at the general response i get when talking to other devs, more than what you actually said. And I agree with your sentiment.

Not taking anything away from react or vue, i use them daily. but they should be a tool in your belt that you reach for in cases that call for them. Somehow the whole industry seem to have have gotten the idea that shipping tons of clients side js should be the default, sometimes for the simplest of applications.

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