The Tomboy note-taking application is still alive  ↦

Around the same time I started using Ubuntu I found Tomboy and it was a note-taking system unlike anything else I’d ever used. To me it was the great differentiator for the Linux desktop for a bit. It is a desktop-wiki that provides some incredibly interesting concept. I thought it had quietly passed away but it turns out it has been ported to a new stack and lives a good life with support for Mac and Windows under the Tomboy NG name.

The Tomboy note-taking application is still alive


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2020-11-15T18:44:51Z ago

Oh wow…this is written in PASCAL!!! I haven’t seen anything written in Pascal since I was in college…but I won’t say how long ago that was. 😁 I remember when Borland came out with Delphi and I so wanted to be able to use it on a project but it never was even considered anywhere that I worked. Oh well… 🤷‍♂️

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