top for nginx (re-written in Rust)  ↦

This tool is a rewrite of ngxtop to make it more easily installed and hopefully quicker. For those unfamiliar with the ngxtop, it is a tool that helps you parse NGINX access logs and print various statistics from them regardless of format. It is currently not feature complete with the original version but it should have enough functionality to be usable.

If you already have Rust installed you can cargo install topngx and you’re off to the races.

topngx < /path/to/access.log

# Output:
count  avg_bytes_sent  2XX  3XX  4XX  5XX
2      346.5           2    0    0    0
request_path              count  avg_bytes_sent  2XX  3XX  4XX  5XX
GET / HTTP/1.1            1      612             1    0    0    0
GET /some_file1 HTTP/1.1  1      81              1    0    0    0


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