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tweet-button: Easy Twitter Tweet Buttons for your Rails apps

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Nobody does 0day gems like Intridea. First they released OAuth2 the same day Facebook announced their plans for it. This week, they created tweet-button the same day Twitter unveiled their new official tweet button.

Tweet button is a simple helper to provide a nice Ruby interface for adding the button to your page:

= tweet_button :via => "changelogshow", :url => "", :text => "This is so meta!"

which will yield

Configurable options include:

  • :url - The URL to share; the default is the current URL.
  • :text - The text that will appear in the tweet; the default is “Check this out!”
  • :via - The attribution. Defaults to “tweetbutton”, but you should change that.
  • :lang - Set the language for the tweet (no default).
  • :related - Related Twitter accounts (no default).
  • :count - The tweet count box position (values can be “none”, “horizontal”, or “vertical”; default is “vertical”).

Check the README for advanced features.

[Source on GitHub]

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