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tweet-button: Easy Twitter Tweet Buttons for your Rails apps

Nobody does 0day gems like Intridea. First they released OAuth2 the same day Facebook announced their plans for it. This week, they created tweet-button the same day Twitter unveiled their new official tweet button.

Tweet button is a simple helper to provide a nice Ruby interface for adding the button to your page:

= tweet_button :via => "changelogshow", :url => "http://wynn.fm/twbtns", :text => "This is so meta!"

which will yield

Configurable options include:

  • :url - The URL to share; the default is the current URL.
  • :text - The text that will appear in the tweet; the default is “Check this out!”
  • :via - The attribution. Defaults to “tweetbutton”, but you should change that.
  • :lang - Set the language for the tweet (no default).
  • :related - Related Twitter accounts (no default).
  • :count - The tweet count box position (values can be “none”, “horizontal”, or “vertical”; default is “vertical”).

Check the README for advanced features.

[Source on GitHub]


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