Practical AI Practical AI #234

Vector databases (beyond the hype)

There’s so much talk (and hype) these days about vector databases. We thought it would be timely and practical to have someone on the show that has been hands on with the various options and actually tried to build applications leveraging vector search. Prashanth Rao is a real practitioner that has spent and huge amount of time exploring the expanding set of vector database offerings. After introducing vector database and giving us a mental model of how they fit in with other datastores, Prashanth digs into the trade offs as related to indices, hosting options, embedding vs. query optimization, and more.


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2023-08-02T13:35:08Z ago

I listened to one of you podcasts the other day, the one where you mentioned what if aircraft techs just blindly follow an LLM and how dangerous it could potentially be. Funnily enough I’m working on something for that right now.

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