Changelog Interviews – Episode #20

Node.js and Server-Side JavaScript

with Felix Geisendörfer


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Adam and Wynn caught up with Felix Geisendörfer to talk about Node.js, server-side JavaScript, and JSConf 2010.


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  • NodeJS “First server-side JavaScript implementation you’d actually like to use”
  • Ryan Dahl Creator of Node.js
  • C64 The official home computer of the 80s
  • CakePHP CakePHP enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications.
  • Ubuntu Upstart Daemonize your Node
  • Google V8 Google’s open source JavaScript engine.
  • ECMAScript International standardization of JavaScript family of languages
  • WebSockets HTML5 protocol for two-way communication with a remote host
  • Do from Tim Caswell simple async JavaScript library
  • Learn Node.js via an open blog featured on Episode 0.1.7
  • Kiwi Node.js package management system inspired by RubyGems
  • Express.js High performance, high class web development for Node.js with a Ruby flavor
  • Fab Rack-esque framework for Node.js
  • CommonJS aims to fill gaps by defining APIs in a standard library as rich as those in Python, Ruby, and Java
  • jspec BDD for JavaScript
  • Transloadit Because uploads and video encoding sucks
  • JSConf 2010 Arrrrrrr you going to THE JavaScript conference?
  • node-dirty NoSQL for the little man
  • berlinjs JavaScript user group in Berlin


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