The Changelog – Episode #500

The legacy of CSS-Tricks

with Chris Coyier

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Episode 500!!! And it has been a journey! Nearly 13 years ago we started this podcast and as of today (this episode) we’ve officially shipped our 500th episode. As a companion to this episode, Jerod and Adam shipped a special Backstage episode where they reflect on 500 episodes. And…not only has it been a journey for us, but it’s also been a journey for our good friend Chris Coyier and CSS-Tricks — which he grew from his personal blog to a massively popular contributor driven model, complete with an editor-in-chief, a wide array of influential contributors, and advertisers to help fund the way. The news, of course, is that CSS-Tricks was recently acquired by DigitalOcean in March of 2022. We get into all the details of this deal, his journey, and the legacy of CSS-Tricks.



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1 01:27 Sponsor: Square
2 02:50 Hello, friends
3 03:49 Starting ShopTalk
4 04:44 People give up too early
5 07:01 Are interview podcasts played out?
6 08:42 Is 500 episodes social proof?
7 13:51 When Jerod discovered Chris
8 20:13 When Adam discovered Chris
9 26:00 Wufoo happened because of CSS-Tricks
10 28:31 How many years of CSS-Tricks?
11 30:30 Sponsor: FireHydrant
12 32:08 Was there ever burnout?
13 38:27 It was time to walk away
14 39:52 Chris holds grudges (forever)
15 42:23 Seeking counsel and valuing CSS-Tricks
16 44:00 The big announcement
17 46:13 Concerns about selling?
18 51:21 Where will Chris write now?
19 52:27 Transfreing assets like @css on Twitter
20 56:18 Regrets and second-guessing
21 1:03:47 The next big thing at Codepen
22 1:06:44 Sponsor: Sentry
23 1:07:32 Sponsor: Retool
24 1:08:36 What is Codepen?
25 1:15:34 The revenue drivers of Codepen
26 1:20:26 Front-end and CSS Chris is excited about
27 1:25:21 Does :has make Chris rethink everything?
28 1:26:17 CSS-Tricks design history
29 1:28:41 The process to re-design CSS-Tricks


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