The Changelog – Episode #56

Vim round table discussion

with Drew Neil, Tim Pope, and Yehuda Katz

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Wynn sat down with three Vim users and experts to talk about tips and tricks for using and pimping the popular text editor.


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  • Vim seeks to provide the power of Unix’s Vi
  • Drew Neil hosts VimCasts
  • Tim Pope has created numerout Vim plugins
  • Yehuda Katz from SproutCore, Rails, and jQuery fame.
  • Dr. Nic says Vim is cutting edge 1960s tech.
  • Janus Yehuda and Carl’s MacVim bundle
  • Everyone that tried to convince Yehuda to try Vim were wrong.
  • Vim is a modal interface
  • Wynn laments that TextMate 2 is the new Duke Nukem
  • NerdTree is a text-based treeview inside your vim
  • Tim uses his vibrantink mod called vividchalk
  • Yehuda wants to give Solarized Vim is cutting edge 1960s tech.
  • Yehuda like visual block mode
  • MacVim lets you use ?-S.
  • Wynn asks how the world would be different if DHH had used Vim instead of TextMate for his famous Rails screencast.
  • Tim likes CTRL-X, CTRL-E to bind an editor to the command line.
  • Yehuda says you should be using ruby -e instead of grep
  • Drew loves CTRL-R, CTRL-W in Vim.
  • Matz is (under)rated.”
  • Tim says we owe so much to Linus for Linux and Git.
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