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Ember Octane is here

Ember has always focused on building the best framework that people with different levels of skill can use together to build web applications. Octane updates Ember’s components and reactivity system to make them more modern, easier to use, and just more fun.

Glimmer;‘s Components and Reactivity are the two big changes in this major release from the Ember team. Both are opt-in and fully interoperable with existing code. Read Yehuda’s full announcement for all the details.

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Nushell for the GitHub era

Jonathan Turner, Andrés Robalino, and Yehuda Katz joined the show to talk about Nushell, or just Nu for short. It’s a modern shell for the GitHub era. It’s written in Rust, and it has the backing of some of the greatest minds in open source. We talk through what it is, how it works and cool things you can do with it, why Rust, ideas for the future, and ways for the community to get involved and contribute.

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