Changelog Interviews – Episode #68

Growl and Open Source in the App Store

with Chris Forsythe


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Adam and Wynn caught up with Chris Forsythe, lead of the Growl project to talk about Growl, their App Store launch, and his work on Adium and Perian.


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  • We recently launched The Sass Way so you can get your fix of all things Sass and Compass
  • Chris Forsythe is the project lead for Growl.
  • Growl is a popular notification system for Mac OS X.
  • Growl is now in the App Store and on GitHub
  • Chris was formerly the project manager for the Adium.
  • Your $1.99 will help send Chris to his first WWDC.
  • GrowlMail is now a separate project.
  • Over two hundred applications support Growl notifications.
  • Designers have created many visual Growl styles to make Growl look great.
  • Wynn’s favorite is Hud from @Rogie.
  • Growl now supports GNTP, allowing Linux and Windows notifications apps to share a common protocol.
  • Wynn uses Growl for visual feedback for his test suite.
  • Chris also is a founder of the Perian project, a free, open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats.
  • Chris says that the GPL prevents Perian from taking the App Store path.
  • The OSI is a non-profit corporation with global scope formed to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community.
  • Chris relates the impact Steve Jobs had on his open source work.
  • Evan Schoenberg inspires Chris.


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