Changelog Interviews – Episode #71

Spine and Client-Side MVC

with Alex MacCaw


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Wynn caught up with Alex MacCaw to talk about Spine, CoffeeScript, writing books, and working at Twitter.


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  • Alex MacCaw, O’Reilly writer and open source developer now working on the front-end for Twitter.
  • Spine Lightweight MVC library for building JavaScript applications, inspired by Backbone.
  • Spine is written in CoffeeScript
  • Eco is Alex’s favorite client-side templating engine.
  • Alex suggests trying to use the same templating engine server-side and client-side, perhaps with Mustache, is a pipe dream.
  • Spine integrates with Rails out of the box.
  • Hem is like Bundler but for Node.js.
  • Juggernaut enables realtime server push with node.js, WebSockets and Comet
  • “Effortlessly generate Spine, CoffeeScript and Hem applications. Spine.App gives your applications structure, CommonJS modules, a development server and more.”
  • Alex is working on The Little Book on CoffeeScript in printed form for O’Reilly.
  • JavaScript Web Apps covers building client-side MVC apps in a framework agnostic way.
  • Twitter is hiring! Got the chops? Get in touch.
  • Jeremy Ashkenas is Alex’s programming hero.


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