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Announcing Beyond Code Seasons One and Two

We've been talking about our film production – Beyond Code – for a long time and we’re excited now to announce the launch of Season One and Season Two!

What is Beyond Code? It's a series of brief interviews with developers filmed at software conferences across the country about what matters right now in the world of software and open source. They talk to us about the most impactful projects in open source, the coolest things happening in software right now, what they’d be doing if they weren’t programming, and more.

Season 1

In Season One, the crew went to Keep Ruby Weird in Austin, Texas and interviewed organizers and attendees including Terence Lee, Davy Stevenson, Carol Nichols, Richard Schneeman, and more.

Here's the trailer:

Season 2

In Season Two, we camped out in Adam's hometown of Houston, Texas and interviewed JavaScript developers including Saul Maddox, Amanda Shih, Astrid Countee, John Brown, and more.

Here's the trailer:

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In the upcoming seasons we’ll be featuring Beyond Code interviews filmed at Gophercon and NEJS Conf. Stay tuned!

If you run a conference and would like to see Beyond Code at your conference, get in touch!.


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