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bash-it: A community bash framework in the spirit of oh-my-zsh

Robby Russell’s zsh framework indeed made us say oh-my-zsh!. With over forty themes and a dozen plugins, oh-my-zsh makes it easy to pimp your zsh.

If you’re perfectly happy with bash and things like right side prompts, smart tab completions, and shared session history aren’t your bag, then check out bash-it from Robert Evans. Like oh-my-zsh, bash-it provides a community framework for pimping your shell using themes and plugins.

To install, clone the repo:

git clone http://github.com/revans/bash-it.git

Be sure and backup your current .bash_profile:

cp ~/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile.bak

… and then start with bash-it’s default profile template.

cp <path/to/cloned/repo>/template/bash_profile.template.bash ~/.bash_profile

Current plugins provide extra goodies for git, rails, and common aliases. Mercurial support is on the way. Got ideas? Well get to forkin’ and send a pull request already.

[Source on GitHub]


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