Blueprint: Manage Debian, RPM server config, even reverse engineer to Chef and Puppet

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The days of firewalling off developers from the system adminstrators are long gone. The rise of DevOps has meant developers are getting more systems savvy while sys admins are using powerful development tools to roll out new environments, especially as the cloud computing landscape continues to rapidly evolve.

Blueprint is a new project that aims to complement Chef and Puppet, two of the largest open source platforms in the space. Using the power of Python, Blueprint can look inside configuration info on Debian and RPM based systems to archive packages you may have built from source. Blueprint can even convert these blueprints to Chef and Puppet configuration formats.

Installation and usage

If you’re using Python >= 2.6, you can install via pip:

pip install blueprint

… or you can install via Git:

git clone git://
cd blueprint && make && sudo make install

Once installed, you can use the blueprint command line interface to create, apply, list, even diff configs:

blueprint create my-first-blueprint

blueprint apply my-first-blueprint

blueprint list

blueprint diff foo bar baz

If you’d like to manage your blueprints remotely, Devstructure, the company behind Blueprint has created Blueprint I/O. Blueprint I/O is to Blueprint as the OpsCode Platform is to Chef. With Blueprint I/O you can store your Blueprints in the cloud, push and pull them anywhere, and bootstrap new servers:

blueprint push my-first-blueprint

blueprint pull

By default the Blueprint I/O client uses Devstructure’s Blueprint I/O Server and Amazon S3 to store blueprints, but you can roll your own using the Blueprint I/O API

Be sure and check the GitHub repos for info on using and contributing to both projects.

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