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boom - text snippets on the command line

I’m a command-line kinda guy. I spend most of my day with at least three terminals open: one that’s ssh-d into a server where I have irssi running in a tmux session, another that’s usually runing rackup or rails server, and a third that I actually do work in.

That’s why I get excited when I find new little command-line tools. boom is one of those tools. It lets you save little bits of text via the command line. I use it like a bookmarking service, considering how hard those are to keep around these days. Check it out:

$ boom urls
Boom! Created a new list called "urls".
$ boom urls changelog
Boom! "changelog" in "urls" is "". Got it.
$ boom changelog
Boom! Just copied to your clipboard.

After saving some more urls:

$ boom urls

Super cool. Zach Holman ships boom. I’ve been using it for todo lists, as well. It’s super fast, easy to use, and stores all of your information in ~/.boom.

To get boom, just gem install boom. That means you need Ruby installed, but I’m sure you already have that, right?

[GitHub] [README]


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