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Should browser developer tools have a "security" tab?

In an attempt to raise developer awareness of web security matters (TLS, CSP, XSS, etc.), Craig Francis proposes that browsers should add a "security" tab to their developer tools.

First, he made an interactive demo of how the tab might work. Here's a sneak peek:


Then, he opened tickets for:

You may be wondering why this isn't just a plugin/extension. Craig addresses that:

it probably won't work so well as a 3rd party extension, as the point is to raise awareness of the features

Indeed, anybody who seeks out and installs a security-related extension is probably well aware of the issues. I think this is a good idea that could be effective if the browser vendors adopt it. It'd even be useful for us already-security-aware developers to have all the information we need in one handy tab.

What is Craig asking from the community?

Ideas and suggestions welcome... but if you can also tell your favourite browser that you want this, then hopefully it might get implemented


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