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Canabalt: Engine behind popular iOS game now open source


In a blog post announcing their part in raising over $25,000 for charity, Semi Secret Software has released the source to Flixel iOS, the game engine behind their popular iOS title Canabalt.


A port of Flixel, the Action Script Flash game framework, Flixel iOS handles texture atlas generation, particle rendering, collisions, and animated sprites.


#import "Smoke.h"
#import <SemiSecret/SemiSecretTexture.h>

static NSString * ImgSmoke = @"smoke.png";

@interface Smoke ()
- (id) initWithGLData:(SmokeGLData *)glData texture:(SemiSecretTexture *)texture;
- (void) setupVertices;
- (void) setupTexCoords;


If your app does Twitter, check out their previously released Twitter xAuth project. Need more? Go ahead and fork the project and improve upon it.

Game over

[Source on GitHub] [Blog post]


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